Singer-songwriter, artist, cultural crooner – born in Lisbon, Portugal, and engaged with the music world at the tender age of 15. Influenced by the music scenes of London and Stockholm where he studied, he is back in Lisbon where he shares projects in music and in his cultural entrepreneurship.
His soulful vibe brings up all his influences in a subliminal way. An energetic groove with pieces of soul, jazz and funk, influenced by the 70’s African-American music, mashed with European influences through the eyes of an African descendent. Vocals and rhythms will take you through an eclectic journey where the musicians that share the stage with him, always manage to turn the heat a bit higher.
Colton’s acclaimed album “Pirate Route” marked his debut as a solo artist in the year of 2017. Touring in Portugal and a few other stops around Europe has garnered him good reviews from the media. Now working on his second recording album, you can expect to see him live presenting the songs that will be released on the new 2020 record “Rear Window”.
Colton began singing at an early age in the hip-hop/ soul formation Legião Vermelha. A few years later he became the frontman of the Bambs Cooper band, allowing him to work with some of his national influences. After years playing a support role, singing for well known Portuguese artists in different styles such as Fado legend Jorge Fernando, Virgul, Nuno Guerreiro or the great Dino d’Santiago, Colton found his place in the Portuguese soul scene.